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Wenceslada Galvan
Born: 10/22/1927
Died: 1/18/2017
Arnold Fowkes
Born: 9/4/1941
Died: 1/17/2017
Alicia Penuiliar
Born: 8/2/1957
Died: 1/17/2017
Jose Sanchez-Arriaga
Born: 12/18/1942
Died: 1/14/2017
Richard Nelson
Born: 2/11/1998
Died: 1/14/2017
Rolando Curras
Born: 2/2/1928
Died: 1/9/2017
David Bradshaw
Born: 4/23/1956
Died: 1/9/2017
Frances MacDonald
Born: 5/5/1924
Died: 1/8/2017
Ernest Morano
Born: 10/28/1933
Died: 1/6/2017

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